pick of the week (Apr. 8th): Descender #2

Descender #2

Writer: Jeff Lemire

Art: Dustin Nguyen

Publisher: Image

“You’re not alive. You understand that, don’t you?” – Jin Quon

Hello Revuers! We are back with our pick of the week after a brief hiatus. This weeks pick is Descender #2 by Jeff Lemire and Dustin Nguyen. This issue opens up with a memory back up dump being performed by Tim-21. After this first page the issue rotates page by page from what is happening now, to flashbacks of Tim-21s life (cleverly done to correspond with the memory dump that starts the issue off). The rotating scene between Tim-21 being chased and Tim-21s life leading up to that point is very moving. It serves to form a strong connection between Tim-21 and the reader. It was sort of obvious what was coming but with every page I turned, and the more I learned about Tim-21, the more I prayed I was wrong. I won’t spoil (any further) what happened, but lets just say it wasn’t as good as I had hoped, or as bad as I had feared. Lemires dual story telling style on this issue deserves a lot of praise. It’s hard to develop an emotional attachment to a new character after just two issues but Lemire does his best (and succeeds in my opinion) to make the reader fall in love with Tim-21. The more I read about Tim-21s back story, the more I wanted to know. I wanted to know if he ever completely “Assimilate” to his human companions, or if he ever was able to dream. The art job By Nguyen was again fantastic. Last issue he worked on a grandiose scale, crafting a new and thrilling universe. This issue he had to work within a dreamscape and a small grey mining world. It’s hard to say which was more difficult and which was more impressive. Given the minimalist surroundings (and lack of space given the dual stories that were happening) Nguyen had to work in the minute details to make the art standout. A shadow here, a line there. Every centimeter perfectly placed and sketched. The end result was a believable world and a moving end scene.

Rating: 7/10

-Andrew Horton