Pick of the week (Jan. 7th): Ant-Man #1

With the movie to look forward to Marvel has started an all out blitz to promote, and/or raise awareness of one of their original avengers. To be honest when I heard about the movie it seemed like a big risk, but guardians of the galaxy was also a risk and it turned out well. Part of this promotional blitz includes the relaunch of The Ant-Mans solo title. Things start out with Scott Lang having been revived from the dead and looking for a job. He seeks employment from Tony Stark only to be thrown into a test of skill with others half his age. The Writer on this series is Nick Spencer, and he does a fantastic job crafting a character that is easy to relate to, likable, and funny. For just the first issue Spencer is able to pack in quite a lot of substance. Giving us a brief origin story, and a quick what’s led up to this point. Also did I mention that this issue is funny? Well it is. The artwork by Ramon Rosanas is excellent as well. Complimenting the story telling while not being a distraction. This is a solid start for Ant-Man and I look forward to the next issue. I give this issue a 7/10

-Andrew Horton