Tales From the Pull List (07/14/2016): Here in a Flash

Hello Revuers it’s time for another edition of Tales From the Pull List. This week I’m posting a day late because I was not able to pic up my books until today. Overall a solid week with Rebirth continuing to impress over at DC. I currently have 5 titles on pre-order from DC comics, which is way higher than I have ever had on a pull list from them before. Another oddity about this weeks pull is I had no Marvel titles on my list. Usually my list is dominated by Marvel titles but this week they are completely absent. Looking ahead that changes next week. Enough about next week though, let’s take a look at this weeks pull list.


Pick of the Week

The Flash #2: This weeks continuation of The Flash by Joshua Williamson (writer), Carmine Di Giandomenico (artist), and Ivan Plascencia (Colorist) gives us our first glimpse of Central City’s newest speedster. In the last issue we were reintroduced to Detective August Heart, a friend of Barry’s, who at the end of the issue was struck by lightening (much like a certain Scarlet Speedster). In this issue we see Detective Heart learning how to use his powers with help from Barry. This also serves as a way to familiarize new Flash readers to some of Barry’s powers without having to slow the story down by going through a list of his powers (remember this is technically a reboot so being only the second issue they needed a way to showcase some of Barry’s powers). We see Wind Vortexes, Phasing, creating a tornado, and of course running. After the training montage we get our first glimpse of our new Kid Flash, young Wally West (not to be confused with old Wally West). We also get introduced to Iris in this issue. The middle of the issue serves as a philosophical debate with the morality of what the speedster can do and what they should do being questioned. Barry begins to wonder why the speed force chose to make more speedsters and what it means for his future. At the end of the issue there’s a surprise that I won’t ruin for you. Just go buy the book! The story by Williamson is fast paced and intriguing. The premise of what speedsters can do versus what they should do is also an interesting concept to explore. The art team of Giandomenico and Plascencia deliver a beautiful issue full of lightening and burst of color. If you only buy one book this week, this should be it. Rating: 9/10



The Wicked + The Divine #21: This third story arc continues with a bang. Finally the lines are crossed between the “good” Gods and the “bad” Gods (good being relative). The good Gods with Persephone to lead them charge into Ananke’s fortress to save a fellow God from being a sacrificial lamb. The excellent story telling continues fueled by the best creative team in the business: Kieron Gillen (writer), Jamie McKelvie (artist), Matthew Wilson (colorist), and Clayton Cowles (letterer). Plus this issues features Woden using his Valkyries to create a giant energy sword wielding robot. Rating: 8/10

Horizon #1: A story about an alien crash landing on earth paves the way for a story that is unpredictable and exciting. The team of writer Brandon Thomas, Artist Juan Gedeon, and Colorist Frank Martin deliver an interesting and unique story of alien invasion of earth. Or is that what it really is?  Rating 7/10

Batman Detective Comics #936: How exciting is it to be back to the original lettering for Detective Comics? With a release date of twice a month, they could presumably reach issue 1000 by 2019. This issue focuses on Batwoman, and Batwoman fighting her inner demons in order to lead the team. We discover who is behind the new team hunting the bat team, and learn some of Batwoman’s backstory. All in all a solid issue. Rating 7/10




Pick of the week (Feb. 25th): The Wicked + The Divine #8

“Being happy for a night. That’s not a small thing” – Dionysus

At this point the creative team of writer Kieron Gillen, artist Jamie McKelvie, and colorist Matthew Wilson, are a well oiled machine. They crank out spectacular issues month after month after month. This issue of The Wicked + The Divine (TW+TD) is no exception. This issue focused on the god Dionysus, who you might remember as the Greek god of wine and crazy parties (more or less). Compared to the rest of the gods we have met in this series Dionysus is less about himself, and more about his fans. Dionysus seems to genuinely care if his fans are enjoying themselves and goes to painstaking measures to ensure they have an adventure they’ll never forget. This issue opens up with Laura entering the rave at Dionysus’ request. She is told that she can party for as long as she wants and to stop all she has to say is “enough”. Once inside Laura tries to uncover answers from the gods and mortals in attendance. While she gets some answers, she leaves the rave (two days later no less), with far more questions than answers.The clever paneling work by McKelvie makes the rave jump off the page. As you read you can almost hear the music playing and feel the bass rumble through your bones. The coloring choices by Wilson are bright and vibrant. They contribute to the rave scene laid out by McKelvie. Together McKelvie and Wilson create a party scene that is as wild as it is stunning. If you have yet to pick up this issue, or this series, I recommend you go to your local comic book store and pick it up as soon as you can. You won’t be disappointed.

Rating: 8/10

-Andrew Horton