Covers of the Week: Oct. 5th

Hello Revuers! It’s time for another installment on Covers of the Week. This segment is where I pick my favorite regular cover and variant cover of the week. This week there were many covers I could have picked but in the end I settled on just two. My favorite regular cover and my favorite variant cover. Now, when I choose my favorite covers it doesn’t have to be from a series I’m reading, but rather just my favorite cover in general. Let’s get to it:


My favorite regular cover this week is:

Godzilla Rage Across Time #2


Since the Godzilla franchise moved to IDW, the series has featured a plethora of amazing covers. This new series Godzilla Rage Against Time by writers Chris Mowry and Kahlil Schweitze and artist Tadd Galusha is no exception. This cover by Bob Eggleton features Godzilla eating pillars from mount Olympias. The almost painted quality of the cover is beautiful. It’s really his attention to detail on Godzilla’s skin that makes this cover stand out. The muted color palette adds to the cover. All in all a solid cover by a fantastic artist.


My favorite variant cover is:

Jessica Jones #1


This variant cover by David Aja is for the newest volume of Jessica Jones (was called Alias, but was changed so it wouldn’t be confused with the TV show from the early 2000’s. Also to line up with the Netflix show Jessica Jones). I really love the story this cover tells. You can get a sense of who Jessica Jones is just by studying the cover. The tri-color palette is perfect for the series as it has more of a noir feel to it than most of the other series’ that MArvel is producing. The light splattering of red looks like blood splatters and adds a nice effect.The series its’ self brings back the original creators with writer Brian Michael Bendis and artist Michael Gaydos. The first volume was published on Marvel’s MAX imprint. The MAX imprint featured more mature content than Marvel’s main line. While this newest volume of Jessica Jones was more mature than most of Marvel’s current lineup it still was quite toned down from the first volume. I would still recommend picking it up though.


Was your favorite cover on the list? If not tell me what your favorite of the week was in the comment section below!

Pick of the Week (Mar. 30th): Gozilla Oblivion #1

Godzilla Oblivion #1

Writer: Joshua Fialkov

Artist: Brian Churilla

Color Art: Jay Fotos

This week my pull list was pretty light so instead of a Tales From the Pull List I will be doing a Pick of the Week. This weeks pick is Godzilla Oblivion #1 (obviously since this the third time writing it over the span on 56 words). Starting out I will admit that I am a huge Godzilla fan I personally own 17 of his movies (Toho versions not American [of course]), in fact some of my favorite childhood memories revolve around watching Godzilla with my father. Despite all of this I have never purchased a Godzilla comic until today. Not sure why, I guess I just never got around to it. If this issue was any indication then I am missing out. The comic starts off in a lab in Tokyo. We discover that a scientist (Eli) is building a portal to another dimension. The government agency that is funding his research shows up and demands he tests it on them. Eli is uncomfortable with this idea since he literally had just finished construction on the device. the government official insists and they transport from their safe version of Tokyo to another dimension. One where Monsters are common place and Godzilla is king. Quickly realizing their mistake they try to  make it back to their portal and close it but as they pass through it another entity crosses with them, and his name is Ghidorah, King Ghidorah. The pacing of the story is excellent as Fialkov does a good job separating his time between character development, world building, and action sequences. There are just enough monsters to really wet my appetite for more, and the end page with a massive King Ghidorah was a great way to end the issue. The artwork by Churilla was spectacular and really gave the feeling of experiencing two seperate dimensions. The scratchiness of the background really added to the experience of a world dominated by monsters. Churilla also has a knack for drawing facial expressions that look natural but also are very expressive and intricate. The color art by Fotos did a great job highlighting the differences between the two Tokyo’s. The color on the power blasts from the Monsters was especially impressive. All in all a fantastic start to a compelling series and I can’t wait to pick up the next issue. Rating 8/10

In the gallery at the bottom I have included a couple of the variant covers.