Awakening from hibernation

Hello faithful Revuers! Sorry it’s been so long. I am happy to announce that Deja.Revue will once again be up and running after a three month hiatus. We had some staffing issues combined with just lack of time. I am proud to say that starting Wednesday we will have fresh new content. So stay tuned. We will be bringing back the ever popular “Tales from the pull list” segment, as well as our fan favorite top “Ten 10 Lists”, and my personal favorite “Savings Bin Sundays”.  Plus we will be adding a few other new and exciting segments.

We are also interested in what you, or readers, want. Have an idea for a segment or a topic you would like us to cover? Then leave a comment and let us know!

Pick of the week (Mar. 4th): Descender #1

When I went to the comic store today I had completely forgotten about this book. I had preordered it two months ago and put it somewhere in the black hole that is the back of my mind. I am so glad that I had preordered it, because it is a sheer delight from start to finish. Jeff Lemire is in charge of the script for this issue and he delivers. The concept is sci-fi adventure set in a galaxy with 9 core planets that are referred to as the United Galactic Council (or UGC for short) the hub planet of this core is called Niyrata. Suddenly, above each planet a giant robot appears. On Niyrata a leading technology expert, Dr. Jin Quon is called upon to investigate these robots. As he begins to examine the robot stationed above Niyrata the robot attacks. The scene then flashes forward 10 years to a child companion robot whose robot line was created by Dr. Quon. This child companion robot seems ordinary, but could there be something special about him? Ill leave that for you to find out on your own. The art by Dustin Nguyen is simply breathtaking. He works with watercolors on a beautiful color pallet to craft a world that, despite its slight dystopian feel, is beautiful.The splash page 3 pages in features our first look at the giant robot and is stunning.The texture and shading that he brings out is nothing short of extraordinary. Also as equally impressive to me is Ngyuens work with facial hair. In the book several styles of facial hair are displayed, and all of them are unique and interesting in their own way (as odd of a thing as that is to notice). The art is so good that even if the story component wasn’t good I would still buy this book. There are not enough words I can write to do it justice. If you didn’t pick this up this week then you are missing out on one of the best debuts for a comic I have ever read.

Rating: 8.5/10

-Andrew Horton