New Comic Book Day Top 5

Hello Revuers, time for a new segment.  In this segment we will be looking at the top 5 comic books I’m excited about that are coming out on New Comic Book Day. If you aren’t reading these books then do you even comic? Let’s get started:


5: Patsy Walker AKA Hellcat #9


I love this series from Marvel. Kate Leth was a perfect choice to write this series, and Brittany Williams is on art. Color art is provided by Megan Wilson. I have had this series on my pull list since the beginning. Leth, Williams and Wilson provide a cut backdrop for a seriously kick butt character. It’s this juxtaposition between cute and kick butt-ness (is that a word?) that I really love about this series.


4: Titans #2


In issue #1 we learned a little bit about the events directly following DC Rebirth. This makes sense as Wally West is the cog that made DC Rebirth’s machine run. Hopefully in the second issue we get a better picture of where DC is taking Rebirth. The new costume design for several of the characters is spot on. Especially Wally West.Since in Rebirth they are keeping the new New 52 Wally West, old Wally West needed a costume upgrade, and boy did he get one.


3: Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Annual #1


The new Power Rangers series from Boom! comics has been a joy. As a fan of the original series (and Space, and Turbo, and…..well you get the idea) this comic really captures the way that the TV show made me feel. The writing and art for this annual looks amazing from what I’ve seen. The issue itself features several short story’s, in typical annual form. If the cover art is any indication we should be getting hyped for it.


2: Flash #5


‘Lightning Strikes Twice’ part five! Joshua Williamson’s Flash series has been fantastic so far, running circles (sorry) around it’s competition every two weeks it’s released. I have really enjoyed Barry in a mentor/teaching role. It seems to really suit him, and it makes sense that he would transition to that role as the have a young Wally West and an older Wally West. Because of that Barry’s role needs to change out of necessity of his character and out of necessity for older Wally West’s character. The new villain Godspeed is genuinely menacing and his character design is breath taking. I was worried that the fast pace (sorry again) of the releases of this series would cause quality to drop, but it has remained high.


1: Batgirl #2


Batgirl #1 was a fun start to the soft reboot. Hope Larsen brought her own take on Batgirl and took her away from Burnside. This was a smart move on Larsen’s part, a it allows here to put her own stamp in the character. Issue 1 also introduced some exciting new individuals into Batgirl’s life. The art was fantastic, especially the color art by Dave McCaig. I consider myself a color art enthusiast and that issue did not disappoint. If you don’t have this series on your pull list you need to rectify that situation immediately.


What comics are on your Pull List? Tell us in the comment section below. We’d love to hear what our followers are reading!



8 thoughts on “New Comic Book Day Top 5

  1. I agree Titans has been awesome: love the cast, love the Booth and Abnett combo, love everything about the current Titans run. On the other hand, while, I’m a big Flash fan, I haven’t been able to get into the current Williamson run. The art has been jarring and I have not liked all the new speedsters. They could have brought back Max Mercury, XS, Impulse, etc. These new additions felt unnecessary. And a weaponized Speed Force? Um? No. I am, however, looking forward to Action Comics concluding its first story arc and Guardians of the Galaxy starting the Civil War Tie In.

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    1. Hey Andrew, That’s my name too! Titan has been fun so far.

      I think from what I’ve read, the speed force is diminishing in the new speedsters so they are just temporary. I liked the idea of the new speedsters because it feels fresh and new instead of bringing back old speedsters. The idea of them only being temporary is nice to since there are to many of them to keep (I imagine a few of them will remain though). I do agree that the art is a bit jarring, one of the downfalls of Rebirth is that since they are on a twice monthly schedule each series has several artists. They try to keep an overall feel in art, but there is still a noticeable difference in some issues.

      I haven’t read the new Action Comics yet, is it good?

      Are they relaunching Guardians of the Galaxy after Civil War?


      1. I’m really enjoying Jurgens’ Rebirth run on Action, especially the issues with Patch Zircher on pencils. The dynamics between Supes and Lex are fun, and I like seeing Clark and Lois married with a son. As the name implies, there is lots of Action, but enough mysteries in the background to keep one interested.

        I’m not sure whether GOTG will relaunch after Civil War. (It’s hard to keep track of all of the relaunches.) I enjoy the core cast (the movie cast, plus Kitty Pryde, Ben Grimm, and a couple of others.) I enjoy Bendis’ writing. There was a recent scene where Kitty was furious at the Badoon for running a concentration camp, a good glimpse into her character that shows knowledge of her history. (She’s Jewish.)

        I may have to check out Batgirl. The international backpacking concept sounds really cool.


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      2. Wow both of those titles sound interesting. I’ll have to check them out. I also like Bendis’ writing. I’m reading Spider-Man and I like that a lot.

        Batgirl is very fun, I haven’t read the 2nd issue yet but I just picked it up so that’s next on the schedule.


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