Deja.Revue Review Episode 1

Hello Revuers, episode 1 of our new podcast, Deja.Revue Review, is live on Soundcloud. That will be our temporary host until we make the move to iTunes. In  this episode we talked about San Diego Comic Con and the trailers that dropped. We also discussed X-men, Defenders, CBS All-Access, Star Trek, and the sustainability of the Superhero genre. Please check it out and give us some feedback. We would like to know your thought on it and what you liked and didn’t like. Below is the link:


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5 thoughts on “Deja.Revue Review Episode 1

      1. Okay! I had the time to watch it. The audio for the 2nd speaker is a bit weak to hear. I would recommend a better mic. Other than that I like it. Any theme you’re going with? Mainly comics, or just comic book movies, etc. planned? I think you could have comics as your main talk because I already enjoy your blogs.
        Also Agent Carter got cancelled so I think Captain America: First Aveneger if anything paved the wave for the Wonder Woman film setting.

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      2. Hey Olaf! We are hoping to fix the audio issues with out second episode. What we want to do is take a big topic from pop culture that month and talk about it’s history in comics and movies, then we want to do a movie review and a comic book review, every episode. We are recording the next one Tuesday and it will be posted by the 14th.

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