Pick of the week (May 27th): Hawkeye #3

Hawkeye #3

Writer: Jeff Lemire

Art: Ramon Perez

Colors: Ian Herring

Publisher: Marvel

“girl? Thats hawkeye dude.” – Hawkeye (Clint)

Hawkeye three picks up on board the S.H.I.E.L.D. hellicarrier with both hawkeyes (Clint and Katie) arguing about what to do while they wait in an interrogation room. S.H.I.E.L.D. has taken the three children of “project communion” to an as of yet undisclosed location. Its then that Maria Hill comes in and breaks the news to them that the children have been put under special quarantine. After some heated debate about who works for who, and who can take what, Hill informs them that “project communion” are still aboard the carrier and that they are free to “go”. Clint and Katie then wrestle with what to do. Should they try and save the children or just leave them to S.H.I.E.L.D. in the end they decide to do what all heros do: save the day. This issue features a cameo by a certain “lucky” someone, and is at once charming and eloquently structured. Each page is set up into rows of panels, with the bottom row being dedicated to the fantastic, multi-colored renderings of Clints past circus life. The only break from this structure is the last page when Clints past takes center stage (all puns intended). The color art by Herring is fantastic as per usual on this series. In what could easily become confusing for the reader, Herring is able to balance between the contrasting styles of Clints past and present. Giving the reader a distinct sense of two separate worlds. Clints present is clear, with large swaths of sharp colors (as if to mimic real life). While Clints past are swirls of colors and hard to make out shapes, as if the reader were sifting through tangled cross wired synapses in Clints brain. These contrasting style choices really give this series a unique look and feel while presenting the reader with two stories with out being confusing. Another feat of style and art in this series would be Katies fight scene to save the children. This was a splash page that was read left to right in rows, at first that may sound confusing but Perez and Herring employed a visual aid that helped to guide the readers eye. The first panels background was a deep purplish blue and each succeeding panel was a gradiant lighter until the end color was a vibrant yellow. This was a simple yet effective visual aid by Herring that really added to the entertainment value of the issue. Coming into this issue I was struggling with whether or not I was going to continue to preorder this series. Its not that it was bad, but rather I have so many other series’ I am picking up right now. This issue cemented in my mind that this series is one to keep on my pull list.

Rating: 8/10

-Andrew Horton

Pick of the Week (May 20th): A-Force 1

A-Force 1

Writers: Marguerite Bennet, G. Willow Wilson

Art: Jorge Molina, Craig Yeung, Laura Martin, Matt Milla

Publisher: Marvel

“Sharknado tried to murder me and my friends” – Ms. America

Hello Revuers! Sorry about the recent absence from writing. The last three weeks or so have been crazy! I had finals, graduated from college, and had an interview for a new job. Anyways, enough about me. My pick this week is A-Force 1. Despite a strong showing n comics this week A-force #1 takes home the top prize.A-force takes place in BattleWorld (which if you aren’t following secret wars, may be confusing), or more accurately an island floating above battle world know as Arcadia. This island is under the jurisdiction of God Doom, but like all the other realms of battle world Doom has left the governing to a baron. In this case it’s left in the capable hands of She-Hulk. In order to maintain peace and order in Arcadia She-Hullk assembles a group of female heroes (and heroes who have been gender swapped to be female) to patrol and protect the island. When assembled it resembles various forms of the Avengers. Throughout the course of the issue we see many superheros, but it appears the heroes that are being focused on are: She-hulk, Captain Marvel, Sister Grimm, Dazzler, Loki (a female version), Ms. America, and a mysterious new character that falls out of the sky at the end of the issue. The story line involves, God Doom (of course), Sheriff Strange, ideas of law and order, religious undertones, and a megladon (not necessarily in that order). The art for the issue is done by collaboration between Molina (penciler, inker), Yeung (inker), Martin (colorist), and Milla (colorist). With so many people working on art it could be easy to lose consistency with tone and feel but A-Force stays on track. There is a beautiful splash on the second and third page that really gives life to Arcadia and the heroes themselves. Overall A-Force is a great start to a story line and a group of heroes that I hope carries over after Secret Wars is finished.

Rating: 8/10

-Andrew Horton

free comic book day: part 1

This year for free comic book day I found myself in Chicago. Far away from DCBS, my local comic shop, I searched for a shop close to my hotel. What I found was Graham Cracker Comics on Madison ave. Graham Cracker Comics is a quaint shop nestled between a coffee shop and a pizza joint. With a lot of character and substance Graham Cracker Comics was a fun shoo to visit. The only downside was that I could only get three of the books that were available (I havent participated in Free Comic Book day before so I dont know if this is customary or not). I have ordered more from DCBS so on Wednesday I will review the rest of my pick-ups. For now here are the reviews of what I picked up:

 Secret Wars #0

This issue sets up secret wars launch next week by recapping what Jonathan Hickman has been setting up for over a year. It opened with Valeria Richards filling the rest of the Foundation Family on what it is that they are to do during this crisis, all the while bringing the reader up to speed on what they can expect from Secret Wars #1. This issue closed with an incursion bringing two earth worlds together to lock into battle. We learn that the “other” earth is actually the “Ultimates” universe, setting up what should be an epic battle to come in the future. The issue also featured a translated short version of the Avengers Vs. The Titans which I tried to read, but failed

Rating: 5/10

 All-new, All-Different Avengers

This issue written by the fantastic Mark Waid features a short preview of what is to be the new line up for Marvels flagship team. The new lineup is Captain America (sam wilson), Thor (lady thor), Nova, Iron Man, Spider-Man (miles morales), Vision, and Ms. Marvel. This new team feels fresh and works well together. There is a balance between the “veterans” (cap, thor, iron man, and vision), and the “youngsters” (ms. marvel, spider-man, and nova). The story isnt meant to be deep, but rather an introduction to the characters and the new tone of the team. While Hickmans Avengers were dark, brooding and adult feeling (if thats a thing), Waids Avengers feel young and exciting. They seem fresh and less worn out than the older Avengers team. I can’t wait to read more. There was also a short preview of The Uncanny Inhumans, but I didn’t read it.

Rating: 7/10

Fight Club

This issue was also a set up for a series launching later this month. Out of the three that I picked up this was my least favorite. The art by Cameron Stewart was fine, but not up to his usual standards. The writing by Chuck Palahniuk seemed off-balanced and shaky in the best parts. I have pre-ordered Fight Club 2 #1 and after this issue I am hoping I don’t regret it.

Rating: 4/10