Pick of the week (apr. 22nd): Kaptara #1

Kaptara #1

Writer: Chip Zdarsky

Art: Kagan McLeod

Colors Assistant: Becka Kinzie

Publisher: Image

“Did you guys get reading rainbow beamed here or…?” – Keith

Kaptara is a daring new space adventure from Chip Zdarsky and Kagan McLeod, published by Image comics. In this weeks inaugural issue we are introduced to a colorful new world and cast of characters. The issue opens with our protaganist,  Keith, getting lectured by the crews resident meat head (and physicist, cause in the future meat heads are smart too!) about how he needs to “get his pump on”. This lecture quickly becomes a spat and tempurs flare. Luckily for the two they are inturrupted by the captain. It seems like a mysterious anomaly is interferring with their mission (ain’t there always somethin’?). The crew then wrestles with what to do. Ultimately they make the wrong choice and things spiral out of control. Ill leave the rest of the story for you to read yourself. While primarily known for his art, Zdarsky has dipped his hand into writing as of late. In the past month I have read two series that Zdarsky has written, Howard the Duck and this one. Howard felt a bit forced to me, while this series seems more relaxed, more Zdarsky like! At first as I was reading it I wasnt sure what to think, with the plot reading like most space adventure/mysteries (insert your choice of title here: Lost in Space, Star Trek, etc.). By the middle of the issue the quick quirps, and witty dialogue had me entertained and laughing out loud in my local hot dog joint (much to the chagrin of the old woman sitting next to me at the bar). Then the end happened. I wont tell you what, because no spoilers, but it was unexpected and breathed fresh air into what had originally felt like a stale story with clever dialogue. I am definitely intrigued to see if it follows the path I think/hope it will. The art for the issue is….good. most likely others will think its great, but its not my favorite style. However McLeod did succeed in making interesting looking characters, and crafting a unique looking world. I am assuming McLeod did most of the coloring for this issue as well, with help from Kinzie,  and thats where the art shines. I love love love the color palette that was selected for this series. Its simply beautiful (of course my love of pastel colors is well documented). The contrast of the bright colors outside of the ship as opposed to the pastel inside of the ship was a nice touch and made the art seem more dynamic . Overall the coloring for this issue was on point. Kaptara #1 is a good start to a new series and sufficiently interested me enough to be excited about the next issue!

Rating: 7.5/10

-Andrew Horton


2 thoughts on “Pick of the week (apr. 22nd): Kaptara #1

  1. I think I may have enjoyed the art itself a touch more than you, but we’re on the same page regarding the colouring – absolutely beautiful stuff! This was a lot of fun, you’re right about the breath of fresh air, especially with the number of recent indie scifi books coming out lately. I’m looking forward to next issue.

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