Pick of the Week (Mar. 25th): Gotham Academy #6

Gotham Academy #6

Writers: Becky Cloonan & Brenden Fletcher

Art: Karl Kerschl & Mingue Helen Chen

Colors: Msassyk & Serge LaPointe & Mingue Helen Chen

“Can’t talk, pizza” – Maps

This issue opens up with a fight between Batman and Killer (or maybe not so killer) Croc as witnessed by the gang. During this battle everyone runs except for Olive who stands transfixed in her position. As the fight continues Killer Croc accidentally sets off fireworks which set the hall on fire. Killer Croc then saves Olive from a burning beam that would have crushed her. Killer Croc then leads her to safety through the sewers. It’s then that we learn more about Killer Crocs connection with Olives mom, and more back story into who she actually is. After Olives discussion with KIller Croc he swims off into the sunset and she meets back up with the gang, who tell her that she needs to get cleaned up. After a brief flashback scene Olive has a close up encounter with batman himself. He tells her a bit more about her mother and that she needs to be careful. To which she responds that he ruined her life. For the rest of the story, go buy the issue! I will say that there is a surprise reveal at the end of the book, and when Gotham Academy returns in June (after DCs Convergence event), their will be a new student enrolled in Gotham Academy. This series continues to be a strong addition to the DC line. As someone who doesn’t know much about DC lore I was excited to learn a bit more about Olives mother. The writing by Cloonan & Fletcher continues to be a strong point. Time after time this series manages to make me feel a connection to the characters, on an emotional level. I actually care what happens to them, and what has happened to them. I feel a sense of attachment to the characters, and in that way I have a vested interest in the outcome of each issue. The art was beautiful as usual. The palette that was used gave stark contrasts between night and day which made the passage of time easy to track. The design for Batman paid homage to a more classic batman look. With the blue cape and hood and the yellow utility belt. I have to say for me, this is my favorite Batman look, and I loved the art job on him in this issue. Gotham Academy #6 did a good job of setting up for the future and now June can’t come fast enough.

Rating: 7/10

-Andrew Horton


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