Comic Book Shop Review: Comic Book University (Indianapolis, IN)

A week ago after Indiana Comic Con my best fried drove me around to a couple of shops in Indianapolis (Indy). My favorite of which was Comic Book University (CBU). Located on the South side of Indy, CBU is a gem nestled inside a strip mall next to a chinese buffet and a fast food restaurant. For ease of reading I will separate this review into three sections: Space, Selection, and Price.


CBU offers a large space full to the brim with comic book related items. They have shelf after shelf, and table after table. In the back of the store they have two large rooms where they have DnD tournaments, and magic tournaments. I really like the rooms because the front of them are glass so you can look in and watch whats happening. It gives it a cool feeling.20150315_154404

Overall the space is nice, but sometimes all the tall shelves can make it seem a bit crowded.

Rating: 4/5


Now this is where I think CBU thrives. They have a huge selection. Not just in new releases, but also in back issues and in trades, and other merchandise. CBU has a whole corner for board games, expansion packs, and other items for your gaming needs. I was really impressed with great selection. As far as new issues go they had a huge selection, from the big two down to much smaller presses. Another thing I liked about the selection was not only did they have a wide range, but they also had a lot extras of each issue. That way you didn’t have to worry about getting there at 7am to get the one issue of the obscure comic you’re obsessed with.

20150315_152743 20150315_152740

As you can see from the pictures they also had clothing that you could buy with your favorite heroes on them.

Rating: 5/5


I think part of the problem that I have is that I’ve been spoiled by my local comic shops prices (which are insanely cheap). While CBUs prices aren’t outrageous, they aren’t especially good either. New issues are cover price, as well as trades. Board games were a bit on the pricey side (although they do have sales!) as were the T-Shirts. The biggest issue (all puns intended) I had with the  pricing were the back issues. The cheapest back issues that I could find were $2.00 ranging up to $10. While that’s not ridiculous, I could find better/same pricing on similar comics other places. They also didn’t have a discount bin that I could find. This added up to a fairly expensive trip for me and I only purchased two comics.

Rating: 3/5

All in all CBU is a good comic shop. I would say that if I lived on the south side of Indy it would probably become the comic book shop I called home. The staff were very friendly, and the place had a cool vibe. However it isn’t perfect. I feel that it could be improved with better pricing and maybe a discount bin. If you would like to visit their website here is a link:

Overall Rating: 4/5

-Andrew Horton


3 thoughts on “Comic Book Shop Review: Comic Book University (Indianapolis, IN)

    1. Cool! Overall I really enjoyed the shop. I just happen to live in Fort Wayne and shop at the store front side of DCBS and so I am spoiled because I get 35% off of everything haha. Thanks for the reblog.

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