Pick of the Week (Feb. 18th): Sparks Nevada Marshal on Mars

When I was a child I always wanted to play Cowboys and Indians. Sparks Nevada does this on a whole new level. The comic opens up with a young Sparks Nevada being forced to go to Military school by his father (who is a Capt. in the military himself). Sparks would rather stay home and play cowboys and martians till the cows come home. His father disapproves of this idea and demands he enlist. The scene then flashes forward to present day with Sparks, who became a Martial instead of a Captain, guarding a space wagon on a trip across the desert terrain of Mars. The writers of this series are Ben Acker and Ben Blacker (try saying that 10 times fast). At the beginning of the journey several characters are introduced; there’s Mr. Felton, a nervous and loquacious middle aged fellow, Mr. and Mrs. Johnson, a rich and slightly air headed duo, and last but not least a small group of guard Robots (who were promised not to become sentient and kill everyone). The gang runs into the Martians (or Marjuns as Mr. Felton refers to them) who warn them that trouble is ahead. Danger, action, and hilarity ensue (although not necessarily in that order). To find out what happens next go buy the issue! Ben and Ben do a great job of writing in a western style Jargon to compliment the scene and the feel of the book. The art by J. Bone was a nice compliment to the humorous style of writing. Sparks Nevada Marshal on Mars is not your average comic book. On the surface it reads like a stereotype filled love child of the George Lucas and Clint Eastwood. What it really is though, is acutely aware of itself. It knows exactly what it is doing and exactly what it wants to say. It plays on old stereotypes and troupes to bring humor and a new perspective to things from our past. For that reason it was a fun and funny ride

Rating: 7/10

-Andrew Horton

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