Pick of the week (Feb. 4th): Ant-Man #2

Man this week was close. There were several titles of interest for me that came out this week, and almost all of them delivered (with the exception of “Nameless”). In the end though Nick Spencer’s story telling won me over and in so doing won the week. Ant-Man #2 opens up with Scott Lang in the midst of a battle with a man in what appears to be a bear suit. While they are fighting the bear realizes that it’s not Scott Lang Ant-Man that he has a problem with, butrather its the other Ant-Man (The OTHER other Ant-Man). Then, much like last issue we have a flashback to earlier in the week when Lang tries to get a loan from a bank to start his own business. At first it appears that they are reluctant to give him the funds he seeks because, well, he was(is?) a criminal. What happens next is equal parts hilarity and character development. That’s what makes this series great to me, is unlike some “funny” comics it doesn’t sacrifice character development for humor *cough* squirrel girl *cough*. The art by Ramon Rosanas continues to be stellar. I love the way he is able to convey movement and humor through body postures and paneling. The color work by Jordan Boyd is also a strong point for this comic. The color pallet Boyd has chosen smoothly transitions the eyes from one panel to the next. Ant-Man #2 was a thrilling, fun ride and I personally can’t wait for more.

Rating: 8/10

-Andrew Horton

4 thoughts on “Pick of the week (Feb. 4th): Ant-Man #2

  1. I enjoyed Ant-Man #2, but I wasn’t as taken with it as you. There were some funny moments for sure, and I like the direction of the overall plot, but for me bits of it were a little underwhelming somehow. How did you feel about the introduction of Morgenstern? She seems like a really interesting character to me, quite excited to see how involved she’ll be going forward.

    Also, what were your thoughts on Nameless? Seems you weren’t a fan and I’d love to know why (I’m still on the fence about it).

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    1. I thought the introduction of Morgenstern was interesting. I am excited to see where that leads. I think the weakest part of the comic overall was it seemed like the same formula as the last issue and not necessarily unique unto its self.

      As far as nameless goes I’ll admit that I just find it confusing. It seems like a comic that thinks its great before establishing that its great and as such takes liberties with what it presents. Such as not really introducing the main character(s) or making a story that makes sense. It just felt overall pretentious, like it was made to show that Grant Morrison is smarter than you are. I don’t know if i’ll pick up the second issue or not.


      1. I know that feeling, it took me a couple of goes to really understand any of the first issue of Nameless. I’m similarly not convinced that it is actually ‘good’, but I think I will try the next issue to see how I feel.

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