Pick of The week (Jan. 28th): Thor #4

“I must go and find my goats” – Thor

Thor #4 continues the excellent run by Jason Aaron. We open up with a flashback scene looking at how Thor (man Thor) got his new metallic arm. This scene is informative and also funny featuring a line about goats (seriously, goats). Then the scene shifts back to where it ended in Thor #3, with both Thor’s staring each other down. Man Thor demands that Lady Thor return Mjolnir to him. Lady Thor refuses stating that she didn’t pick Mjolnir, Mjolnir picked her. Then the two erupt in what can only be called an epic brawl. I won’t spoil what happens next, but it’s worth picking up this issue just to witness this battle between the God and Goddess of Thunder. The mystery of who this Lady Thor is continues in this issue, but they do narrow down the list of suspects. The art by Russell Dauterman is improved in this issue. My critique of the art in the past was that at times Dauterman’s art can be a bit to busy. This issue though Dauterman shows off epic action at a breakneck speed, without it getting to busy. I commend his work. The coloring by Matthew Wilson is also excellent. Bright, striking colors punctuate the action, rather than distract from it. I would recommend that if you haven’t purchased this comic yet, you go immediately to your local comic book store and do so.

Rating: 7/10

-Andrew Horton


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