Pick of the week (Jan. 21st): Elektra #10

This weeks pick is another strong edition to the steady Elektra series by W. Haden Blackman, and Michael Del Mundo (with coloring by Marco D’Alfonzo). At the start of the issue Elektra travels into the mind of the comatose Bullseye with help from her sort of friend/companion/business partner Kento to discover the identity of the leader of the assassins guild. Upon finding Bullseyes thoughts among his memories she is given an address. There she finds the leader of the assassins guild, and more than she had bargained for. This issue contained decent story telling and moved along the current arc at a reasonable speed. The true draw (no pun intended) of this comic for me though is the art. Every stinking page of this comic is gold. Del Mundo expertly crafts lines that pleases the eyes. All the while colorist D’Alfonzos pastel color pallet manages to bring beauty to the darkest of scenes. Together they form some of the most beautiful and noteworthy art in the game today. Now if only the writing could reach the same level as the art, Elektra would be one of the best titles Marvel puts out.

Rating: 6.5/10

-Andrew Horton

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