Pick of the Week (Jan. 14th): Star Wars #1

Before we begin I must confess that I love Star Wars. I watched the original trilogy when I was 12 and I have been hooked ever since. That being said, going into this week I really didn’t want to pick this as my pick of the week. I had read the hype, I had heard the rumbles that this comic was great. Heck, I am also a huge Jason Aaron fan (love his work on Thor, and now subsequently Lady Thor), however I thought this comic was going to stink. Going in I thought there is no way they could capture the essence of the films and the characters. I am happy to report that I was wrong. The setting is after the events of “New Hope” and before the events of “Empire Strikes Back”. The scene opens up with (what else?) a ship descending onto a planet to meet for some trade negotiations. If you want to know more of the story buy the comic. The script is excellently done by Aaron, the characters felt like the characters from the film. It was a comfortable feeling, like being reunited with long lost best friends. The art by John Cassaday was passable, although it was my least favorite thing from the issue. I found it bland and dull with not much pop. The best artwork came with the handling of the lightsaber sequences which I thought was innovative and interesting. Overall this is a great start to Star Wars returning home to Marvel and I can’t wait for the 2nd issue! I give this comic a 7.5/10

-Andrew Horton

8 thoughts on “Pick of the Week (Jan. 14th): Star Wars #1

  1. I picked up my copy yesterday after reading so many positive reviews. It really is a great start to (what I assume is) a new series. I haven’t read any of the old Marvel Star Wars graphic novels or the Dark Horse material, so my opinion is strictly that of a girl who was raised on the original trilogy (my dad I watched it too often to count), but I’m definitely planning to buy the next installment.


    1. Hey ren! I agree it is a great start. I read some of the dark horse series’ but to be jonest they arent that good. In my book Jason Aaron can do no wrong right now so he was the perfect person for the job. As I was reading the issue I read the lines in the voices from the movie and it matched almost perfectly. I cant wait for the next issue. I also watched the original trilogy with my dad more times than I can count haha.


  2. I’m very new getting into comics. So new in fact that this is only the second one I’ve read completely. I’m going to stick with it and the Vader and Leia comics to follow in February and March.


    1. Hey Montel,

      welcome to the world of comics! If your like me youll get sucked in real fast. If you would like some suggestions I reccommend you look at our post end of the year top 10 list. There youll find suggestions from 4 authors on whay to pick up. Presonally I reccommend the wicked + the divine, moon knight, cyclops, and ant-man! Happy collecting


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