Pick of the week (Jan. 7th): Ant-Man #1

With the movie to look forward to Marvel has started an all out blitz to promote, and/or raise awareness of one of their original avengers. To be honest when I heard about the movie it seemed like a big risk, but guardians of the galaxy was also a risk and it turned out well. Part of this promotional blitz includes the relaunch of The Ant-Mans solo title. Things start out with Scott Lang having been revived from the dead and looking for a job. He seeks employment from Tony Stark only to be thrown into a test of skill with others half his age. The Writer on this series is Nick Spencer, and he does a fantastic job crafting a character that is easy to relate to, likable, and funny. For just the first issue Spencer is able to pack in quite a lot of substance. Giving us a brief origin story, and a quick what’s led up to this point. Also did I mention that this issue is funny? Well it is. The artwork by Ramon Rosanas is excellent as well. Complimenting the story telling while not being a distraction. This is a solid start for Ant-Man and I look forward to the next issue. I give this issue a 7/10

-Andrew Horton


4 thoughts on “Pick of the week (Jan. 7th): Ant-Man #1

  1. This comic works really well as a one-shot character study, showing how Scott cares about his daughter more than anything else in the world. Even if one doesn’t plan on picking this series up, it’s worth reading for anyone who likes Scott Lang or is interested in checking him out.

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