Pick of the Week (Dec. 24th): Cyclops #8

After a few strong weeks of comics in a row, this week was kind of a let down. A bright spot this week was Cycops #8. Layman (Chew, Detective Comics) continues his strong start on Cyclops in issue 8. The story picks up with the starjammers adrift in  space and Scott being accepted as a member of the rival pirate ship Desolation under the ruthless captain Valesh Malafect. Scott is ordered to board and take all they can from a medical transport ship. His conscious is torn as he doesn’t want to hurt anyone but he has to maintain his cover because his dad is Malafects prisoner. It turns out that there’s more to this “medical transport” ship than meets the eye. The art by Garron holds it’s own with the highlight of his work this issue being the space scenes. The coloring work by Sotomayor is a bit obnoxious and at times can distract away from the story. Overall this issue is solid, although it could have been improved with better coloring choices. I give this comic a 5/10

-Andrew Horton


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