Pick of the Week (Dec. 17th): The Wicked + The Divine #6

“I’ve got no reason to be afraid anymore” – Inanna

The Wicked + The Divine (TW+TD) has returned, and with force. The first arc The Faust Act was going to be a tough performance to follow for the creative team of Gillen, McKevlie, and Wilson but they did it. After a one month hiatus TW+TD returns with issue #6. Things pick up right after a certain someone’s death (no spoilers) with Laura still trying to figure out what that lit cigarette in issue 5 means. She has found sudden stardom as her stint with the Gods has made her quasi-famous. Laura struggles with this new found fame, and the surprising loneliness it brings. Gillen shows us what character development should look like with his handling of Laura in this issue. The art by McKevlie and Wilson is intriguing with a interesting use of spacing, panel work, and digital design. I love the page that sums up the contents of Laura’s room. On the surface TW+TD asks the question what if the Gods walked among us, but the deeper question is what are the consequences of us treating our pop stars as Gods? I give this comic a 8/10

-Andrew Horton


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