Pick of the week (Dec. 10th): Thor #3

Alright alright I know,I’ve picked a lot of Marvel titles in the recent weeks.i can’t help it though, they’ve been so solid! This weeks choice is Thor #3. I don’t know about you all but I think Lady Thor is kick butt. Jason Aaron shows us (again) why he is one o the best writers in comics today. This issue picks up with a flashback to why the frost giants are invading midgard (earth). Ill avoid spoilers by simply saying it may or may not involve a large skull (ahem). After the brief introduction it goes right back to the action. Lady Thor has lost her hammer and is left to fight off the frost giants by herself. This showdown highlights my favorite thing about this Thor series: The inner insecure monologue of Lady Thor vs. the very Thor like actual words she speaks. This leads to a lot o comic relief and some of the most fun parts of this book. This issue is really a set up for next issue which pits Lady Thor vs. Odinson himself. Now that’s a showdown I can’t wait for. The art by Dauterman is for the most part above par. There are times that the page can get a bit to busy, making it difficult to follow the action. Also the lettering can get a bit distracting. The coloring choices, by Matthew Wilson, are really what shine in this issue. Thor #3 is a nice addition to this new run of Thor and leaves me impatiently waiting for Thor #4. I give it a score of 7/10.

-Andrew Horton


2 thoughts on “Pick of the week (Dec. 10th): Thor #3

  1. Great review. I largely avoided Aaron’s stuff, not out of any particular reason, he was just writing books that didn’t interest me.

    Then I picked up Southern Bastards. Just… Wow.

    Then I discovered he was (already) writing Thor, and the whole *new* Thor thing interested me greatly. Throw in a variant cover by Fiona Staples, and I was on board for the first issue. And it’s only gotten better (even without more Staples covers).

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  2. I agree the fiona staples variant is spectacular! Also I am going to be posting a top 10 comic series of 2014 list and Southern Bastards is definately on it. My Dad is from the south, and while its a dramatization, I have seen people in the South that fit almost every character in that series. Love it.


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