Pick of the Week (Dec. 3rd): Gotham academy #3

Goth academy #3 is another strong addition to this DC title. The theme of this issue (and consequently the series) is answering questions, with even more questions. Fletcher and Cloonan keep the reader interested and engaged throughout the course of the comic with Olive finally giving us a brief, if it can be believed, glimpse into what the heck happened to her mother last summer. She also manages to see a ghost, break into the north wing of her school, and maybe find a dead/undead person, all the while catching a glimpse of a shadowed mystery figure (in the form of a crouched batman!?!?). Whew! That’s a lot to process. The art for this issue is fantastic as Kerschl delivers once again, but the real star is the coloring work done by Geyser, Msassyn, and Lapointe. Their coloring work on the pages where Olive talks to her (sorta) boyfriend, are simply breathtaking. All in all I give this issue a 7.0/10

-Andrew Horton


2 thoughts on “Pick of the Week (Dec. 3rd): Gotham academy #3

  1. The first issue of this title didn’t interest me enough to keep going with it. It certainly seemed to have potential, and I loved the art, and I always enjoy Cloonan’s work in any form. It just wasn’t enough to justify another title each month. I’ll probably hit it up again in the trades.

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    1. The first issue was the weakest in my opinion. I am not huge into DC and as such most of the references were (are) still lost on me. However the pace has picked up and it has become much more enjoyable. I would recommend getting the trade!


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